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Cleaning tips for car seats

Being a mom means that your baby’s car seat is going to get quite dirty. You can imagine all the milk and vomit as well as juice spills and even poo, hey it happens. Kids are messy and the mission is keeping our little ones in a clean car seat, not to mention the rest of our cars. It is really a good idea to clean your car seats as much as possible, and I personally clean my car seats for my little ones each time I spring clean my car which is about every couple of months or so. Some people may only need to clean their car seats once or twice a year, depending on your little ones habits. If your little one is a spit up king or queen, then you can expect that you will have plenty of stains.

The first thing you want to do is read the car seat manual to see if it would be safe to clean your car seat. Some ask to use a certain cleaning solutions like BuggyLOVE Stroller and Car seat cleaner or Oxi Clean Baby stain remover. If you don’t feel comfortable using any type of chemicals or soap on your car seat then you can use baking soda and vinegar as well as water.

Be sure to vacuum all the dirt, food particles and more from the cloth that is on the seat. Try to get to the cracks as well. If you can’t simply shake it well and loosen up the particles. If you are able the next thing would be to remove the car seat cover. Some covers are able to be thrown in the wash, while others are hand wash only. This is why you should refer to your manual. Wipe down all the straps, clips, and more.

If you are able to wash your cover in the laundry, then sun dry it instead of using the dryer as it will shrink the cover and can cause the fibers to stretch, and that is one thing you don’t want. I use a toothbrush to reach all of the places that are hard to reach. Clean all of the toys that come with the car seat if it has any and use q-tips to reach the crevices that can’t be reached with a toothbrush.

Once the seat has dried, you can put everything back where it needs to go. Place the cover back on the seat, and then reinstall your car seat. Now that the car seat is clean, the key would be to keep it that way, but that is easier said than done. As before kids are messy, you could refusing them to eat in the car and other things that may work for you.


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Car seat reviews

When it comes to getting a great car seat for your little one, there are so many out there that it is hard to just pick one. These are the best and the most affordable car seats that are out there for you to look at, and to even find the right one that fits in your budget as well as in your car. There are plenty of features to look for, but the best will have amazing safety features, great looks, and will fit in just about any car that you have, except for a Maserati, that may be a bit unsafe for everyone.


Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 by Peg Perego


This model may be a bit expensive, but when it comes down to having the best safety, as well as completely adjustable, you can’t go wrong. The harness is easy to pull out and even tighten and it can be set to fit different heights without having to deal with re-threading it. It even has a pretty cool turn dial that will let you adjust the angle of the seat. The one issue is that it has to be hand washed.


Maxi-Cosi’s Prezi Car Seat


When it comes to having a compact car seat, this is amazing. It not only has a harness that you can lift up and out of your way, but it has a boot that will keep your little ones legs war and a nice canopy that will shield them from the sun.


UPPAbaby’s MESA car seat


This model is actually pretty sleek. It has a smooth base, so it won’t destroy any upholstery in any type of vehicle, as well as nifty pockets that you can tuck metal buckles in to keep you from burning yourself if you happen to be parked in the sun, because it actually keeps them cool.


Britax BOB B-Safe Car Seat


This Britax model actually comes equipped with an energy absorbing foam liner that gives your little ones plenty of protection from a strong side impact. It has tangle free harness straps and a decent price tag as well.


Snugli Car Seat


This model is a great bargain, but it doesn’t compromise on any safety. It is a lightweight model, but it is super sleek and stylish and comes in both gender and gender neutral colors. Since it has a lower price tag, this tends to be a go to car seat for first time parents.


When it comes to getting a great car seat, always look at safety ratings, if it will fit in your car, if it will be heavy or bulky, and if it will fit into your budget. Each of these models are budget friendly.

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Infant car seat reviews – which one is the best?

When it comes to infant car seats you want only the best and these are certainly the top picks for 2015 so far. Safety is the first priority, while being compact and being easy to install rank up there as well. These car seats are the best of the best winning in bulkiness, being easy to install, and being compact enough that it would fit in even the smallest car that is out there.

Infant car seats can vary in different ways such as from higher levels of safety, the anti-rebound bar and easy strap in bases. There isn’t just one best seat out there, there are plenty that will fit in the smaller compact cars like a Honda Accord, but there can be some that will not fit right in a pick up truck. When it comes to any type of infant seats, you only want the best for your child and every situation is different. Below are the best of the best when it comes to higher safety ratings and stylish looks.

Best infant car seats

Cybex Aton 2


When it comes to having a very large budget, this infant car seat is beyond amazing. It runs around $300, but comes in various colors like red, blue, purple, gray and black. There are a lot of safety features, you can install it easily without any type of base, and it is very compact, so it will fit in basically any type of vehicle. It comes with the Linear Side Impact Protection System, which transfer any side impact energy into the shell of the seat. It also has a load leg which props up to keep rebound from happening in the event of a crash.


Britax B-Safe


This infant seat runs around $180 and it is really great. It comes with plenty of features such as the sun canopy that will cover your baby almost all of the way. It even has integrated steel bars and SafeCells that are in the base to help keep it safer for your infant. The cover is also easy to remove and clean.


Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base

This model goes for around $200 and it comes in gender neutral colors. It is easy to install as well as great for safety for those who are on a budget. It comes with a flip out visor that will give your infant extra sun protection, and even a removable newborn insert. It is great for preemies and if you plan to travel on planes or any other type of vehicle the base is removable, or you can use it without the base at all. It tends to fit in most vehicles and it even has the LATCH system. This model is quite light, so carrying it with your baby in it isn’t a real issue.

This infant car seat will really show you how safety is built. It has superior safety ratings and it is pretty easy to install. This car seat will fit an infant up to 30 lbs and even though it can be quite bulky and large, the one issue that people have is that it can cause your baby to sweat because it is well insulated. Even though it is a bit bulky, there isn’t a lot of flaws, and it is a mid-priced infant car seat that really focuses on safety.

Graco Snugride Click Connect 40 Car Seat

This infant seat will hold a rear facing rider up to 40lbs, and even though it is a bit bulkier and heavier, it has plenty of safety features that aren’t offered by other types of seats. Even though it may cost more, it is definitely one of the best as well as the safest infant car seats that is available in the 2015 market.

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

This is a literal powerhouse of safety for your infant. It comes with just about every single safety feature that you could ever imagine. It has been recommended by plenty of different health departments. Some people have stated that it can be a bit heavy to carry around. When it comes to finding the best value and safety for a lower price tag, this is the perfect model. It gives you the right combination of affordability and safety.

Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat

This model comes with AirInfuse technology that will prevent your little one from overheating in the padding. The SmartAdjust will give you a chance to easily adjust the headrest, as well as the harness that will give your infant that perfect fit. It is the best on the market right now and since it not only protects, but it pampers your child in comfort, you will certainly feel that your child is safe.

When it comes down to having the best infant car seat, these are great for new parents or for parents who already have several children. They are long lasting and will work for any newborn or infant.

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Best booster car seat


When it comes to having the best and safest booster car seat, you want to go through what has been recommended by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These guys have listed over 60 different booster seats and placed them in categories from worst, good, and best. I am listing the best ones here for you to learn more about how you can protect your child from anything when it comes to safety within the vehicle. These have high safety ratings, are comfortable, have been thoroughly tested, and they are also pretty stylish. These are your best bets when it comes to getting something that you want.


Britax Frontier


This is great for both a forward facing and booster car seat. This model has side impact protection, quick adjustment features on the head restraint, and a no-rethread harness. You can be sure that your child will be quite safe in this seat. It holds up to 80 lbs, and that makes it just that much better for any type of travel you may have.


Clek Oobr


This booster seat has features like easy installation and a removable back that will let this booster grow with your child. It will hold up to 100lbs and it even comes in fabrics that are stain and moisture resistant, which makes clean up a real breeze.


Eddie Bauer Auto Booster Seat


This model has foam for energy absorption and side impact protection. It even has cup holders, pivoting arm rests, and an 8 position headrest and you can even easily convert into a backless booster. It will hold up to 100lbs, and comes in 2 colors.


Recaro Vivo


This model has side impact protection and the headrest is pretty easy to adjust into 6 different positions. This is a pretty lightweight model so, you can easily transfer vehicle to vehicle or just fold it up and place it in storage when it isn’t needed. It will hold up to 100lbs and it comes in gender neutral colors.


Cosco Juvenile Pronto


This is a forward facing booster that has a slide out cup holder for your little ones snacks and an adjustable headrest and it can even convert into a backless booster if you wanted it to. It can easily hold up to 100lbs and works great for small cars.


When it comes to having the safest booster seats, these are the best. You can use them from toddler to kindergarten years.

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Convertible Car Seat Safety

Convertible car seats are among newer innovations which are mostly used for toddlers and younger kids. There are many types of seats that are available in the market and you will have to choose one based on your kid’s age. In general, these seats are meant to keep the kids safe while you drive them around. They give extra support and comfort too. By understanding the safety factors that convertible car seats offer, you can make a well informed purchase of it.

Safety factors of a convertible car seat

New born babies, toddlers and little kids need to be handled with extra care and have to be protected with utmost responsibility. Travelling can get challenging for them and that’s the reason special car seats are provided for them. Here are few points that can help you understand the safety features rendered by this seat better,

  • The convertible car seats come with the flexibility related to their placement. Usually, toddlers are made to sit on the seats and the seat is rear-faced. This is done to keep the kids extra protected. In case of any accident or unfortunate events, they remain intact and they don’t fall face down which could otherwise cause injuries, especially on the head.
  • The size of the seats is determined according to either the baby’s age or weight and height. This ensures that the kid fits in right. It is of course your responsibility too to buy the apt sized seat. But having done that you can rest assured that your kid will be comfortable and safe.
  • Many convertible seats come with latest safety measures like steel bars and protective feature against side impact. This keeps you baby tightly tucked in. It also takes care of situations when the seats may fall off towards the side.
  • Convertible seats come with easy installation mechanisms. You can also adjust them according to the place available and the kind of roads you are driving on. These flexible settings give a uniformly comfortable driving experience to your kid.
  • The higher-end models of convertible car seats for babies come with multiple options like rear faced positioning, front faced positioning and an additional option of converting it to a child booster seat. By using these you can customize your baby’s seat aptlyand help it enjoy its drive with you.
  • All the convertible seats undergo tests done by NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The seats that fully clear these tests are released to the market. No seat that doesn’t completely qualify the scrutiny procedure will be released for sale. This is the most important factor that gives you the guarantee that convertible seats are completely safe.

Though convertible seats are safe, you need to ensure that you buy a good one. It is recommended that you don’t rely on second hand items. This could compromise the safety of your baby. Also, newer products possess highest quality comparatively. So, choosing them will ensure better safety of your kid.